HIGH MOBILITY is the first car data company to seamlessly combine an online testing environment with a live vehicle data marketplace.


Leadership team


Risto Vahtra

CEO, Founder

Hailing from the design team at Volvo Cars, Risto is an experienced and dexterous technical designer with a strong sense of industry trends in product development. Together with Kevin Valdek, Risto founded HIGH MOBILITY to solve the disconnect between developers and the automobile industry. Their unique proposition, an online testing environment with a live vehicle data marketplace, seeks to bring these two communities together seamlessly, for both developer and car maker.


Kevin Valdek

CTO, Founder

After many years in software development, and working as a team lead in connected car projects with Jaguar Land Rover and Fiat/Chrysler, Kevin founded HIGH MOBILITY with Risto in 2013. Kevin brings to the table his considerable exposure to the connected car industry and extensive technical expertise, honed over the last decade as both a team lead and software engineer with numerous global car brands


Martin Lauer


With more than 20 years of management and leadership experience in financial leadership roles at both international corporations and medium-sized enterprises, Martin’s impressive range of expertise in the IT & automotive industry positions him perfectly in his role as COO at HIGH MOBILITY. In addition to his financial leadership expertise, Martin demonstrates operational excellence and an impressive understanding of startup fundraising with which to guide the leadership team.


Manuel Scheibel

Sales Director

Manuel joined the HIGH MOBILITY team from global e-mobility player Hubject - joint venture between BMW Group, Daimler Bosch and others. Before that he worked for IBM.
With a background in leading B2B sales teams, devising sales strategies and overseeing market development in the mobility sphere, Manuel is using his experience to develop our data consumer ecosystem (demand side) as well as vehicle data partnerships with leading OEMs worldwide (supply side).


Advisory board and investors


Fabian von Kuenheim

Chairman & Investor

Lead investor, former CEO of Magirus AG, member of the advisory board at Commerzbank and curator at the Fraunhofer Association.


Stephan Schulze

Board member & Investor

Representing IBB. IBB Beteiligungsgesellschaft provides innovative Berlin-based companies with venture capital and has established itself in Berlin as a market leader in early-stage financing.


Holger Weiss

Board Member

Venture partner at Target Partners, founder of German Autolabs, former CEO of Aupeo, director of NOKIA gate5, 15+ year track record in managing tech companies with focus on consumer-driven services in the automotive space.


Funding history


03/07/2018 HIGH MOBILITY secured a capital increase round of €3 million from its existing investors. Following this vote of confidence HIGH MOBILITY announced plans to further its efforts in bringing its unique developer platform to an even wider developer community.



16/03/2016 An angel consortium headed by Fabian von Kuenheim and the Berlin based venture capital firm IBB Beteiligungsgesellschaft invested in HIGH MOBILITY.



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