#MercedesBenzChallenge: Build digital solutions for the car of the future

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Mercedes-Benz and partners launch #MercedesBenzChallenge to enable creatives and developers to come up with new digital solutions for the car of the future. High Mobility was proud tech partner for the challenge with its APIs, developer center and virtual car emulators!


The Mercedes-Benz challenge offered developers an exclusive opportunity to be one of the first to play around with 80+ APIs that might be open to 3rd party developers in the future.

The registered participants could develop new and innovative use cases – app or otherwise – using the car emulator, mock APIs, and SDKs, for a chance to win one of the many giveaways and cash prizes worth more than 30K€!


HIGH MOBILITY and Paris-based electric vehicle manufacturer collaborate



The team behind XYT with their vehicle - Pixel

XYT is a Paris-based electric vehicle manufacturer who has taken an innovative approach to car manufacturing and distribution. They call their vehicle "Pixel" which hints to its modularity (it can come in a pickup, 2-seater or a 7-seater form). HIGH MOBILITY has been working with the team at XYT since 2015 to enable new connected services on their car platform.

Digital Key API showcase with IVECO

New Daily Euro 6: the first light commercial vehicle to turn on-board connectivity into a true professional work tool. 



The New Daily Euro 6 opens up a new world of connectivity, turning the driver’s smartphone or tablet into the vehicle’s communication interface with the revolutionary DAILY BUSINESS UP application. Getting connected to the vehicle couldn’t be easier: with the app, it is the DAILY that becomes compatible with the mobile device (not the other way round). This dramatically increases the flexibility of use – and delivers connectivity at zero entry cost.


HIGH MOBILITY collaborated with the connectivity team at IVECO to enable a remote door opening and closing function operated through a smart watch or smartphone. This showcase was developed  using the developer toolkit and HIGH MOBILITY’s universal Auto API. In future, such use cases can be created with ease by local developers to be particularly useful in urban delivery missions, utilising a range of available devices.


Gesture based interaction unlocks the BMW i3


CES 2015



HIGH MOBILITY collaborated with the BMW Research and Development team to provide the device awareness ability for the concept BMW i3 vehicle showcased by the BMW Group at CES 2015. To offer even greater ease of use for the driver the concept shows unlocking the vehicle by gesture control using a smartwatch.


Powered by the ability to sense its surroundings, the car can be programmed to recognise the driver by his device when the driver enters its physical space - it unlocks the doors as the driver approaches and locks them again when the driver leaves the vehicle, in each case in response to a specific gesture.